Why Choose Us

We are located on Wolf Laurel Road in a model home on the right just before the security gate. We make it our business to welcome you to Wolf Laurel Resort in the best tradition of Southern hospitality.

We are well-known here at Wolf Laurel Resort through 40+ successful years of home building. This gives us an abundant referral base for networking for our new customers and friends. Thomas Freddie Wallin and wife, Jane, build quality homes for others as well as spec homes for sale. In fact, Freddie is the only builder who consistently builds spec homes within the resort. Our talents complement each other for quality homes and satisfied homeowners.

Through the years, we have built homes of every style: Frame construction, post and beam, new log and antique log; from small cabins to estate homes. After construction is complete you will have peace of mind in knowing we’ll be here to care for your house in years to come, through our Client Care Program.

Assurance comes from knowing that we will be here tomorrow after the sale should you need us. After all, Wolf Laurel Resort is our home too.

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Our Story

Jane as a child

Jane was born and raised across the mountain in Marshall. As a girl she learned to sew through the 4-H program. She also was the top magazine sales person in high school. These talents led to opening a fabric store after high school, sewing for the public.

Her interest in sewing grew into drapery making which led into a decorating/design business. It was in this phase of her life when she met Freddie.

Freddie as a child

Freddie was born and raised a couple of miles from Wolf Laurel Resort on Smith Creek Road. Before Wolf Laurel became a resort, he remembers playing in the barn as a young boy. Today that same barn is the home of the offices in ‘The Village’ area of Wolf Laurel beside the fishing pond. He remembers that it would take all afternoon to ride an old jeep to the top of Big Bald and back down. A teacher at school saw Freddie’s potential at woodworking and encouraged him. He excelled in carpentry in school and became a foreman for a builder here at Wolf Laurel during Wolf Laurel’s early years. He grew to become his ‘own boss’ and has been a builder at Wolf Laurel since 1977.

Jane and Freddie met on a blind date at this time of their lives. They married in 1979 and merged their businesses. This has worked well over the years. As their family grew with 3 sons, the decorating business became less and less and Jane became a full time mom and business partner in construction with Freddie. This freed Freddie to be on the job taking care of the quality side of the business and Jane running the office.

When the youngest son went to school, they opened a construction/real estate combination office at Wolf Laurel Resort. Having been a team for their customers for several years, customers knew of their quality work and reputation and sent their friends for real estate needs to Jane. Jane’s knowledge and love of Wolf Laurel is very evident as you meet and talk with her.

Our Children

Freddie and Jane have 3 sons – Cory, Jacob, and Jared . enjoy spending time with them, watching them grow up and exploring with them. They are now grown men, two of them married now, bringing much loved daughters into our home!

Many of you have watched our sons grown up and ask about them. So here is a little info on them!

Cory & Emily Wallin

Our oldest son Cory, is married to Emily and they live in Asheville, Today, Cory is a mechanical engineer designing machines that make the interiors of new cars. Emily is a school teacher specializing in special needs teenagers.

Jacob Wallin

Our middle son, Jacob is in management with Hobby Lobby stores and has a business degree. Do not know yet where life will take him, but he is excited for his future.

Jared & Savannah Wallin

Our youngest son, Jared is married to Savannah and they live in Mars Hill. Jared is our builder in training! He plans to take over Wallin Builders construction. Savannah is a consultant for Christian Dior fragrance, and a hair designer for weddings.

Please stop by to visit us in our model home/office just outside the security gate at Wolf Laurel Resort. We want to welcome you to Wolf Laurel with southern hospitality – after all – this is our home too!