Phyllis and Richard Mason

from Naples, Florida

My husband and I have bought and sold property from Jackson, WY, Couer D’Alene, Idaho, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, and now North Carolina. We have never had better representation than we had with Jane Wallin. That might sound like flattery rather than praise, but I shall illustrate.

We made two trips to Wolf Laurel before we found our “dream home.” Jane showed us everything on the mountain for sale, including several lots. When it looked as if we would not find an existing home, we considered seriously building a new home. Jane’s husband, Freddy, the number one builder in the area, accompanied us. He showed us the pluses and minuses of each piece of raw land. He even walked the boundaries.

On the next to last day, Jane showed us our “dream home.” We never considered it as it did not have one of our “musts.” Jane gently persuaded us to look at the cottage, and we fell in love.

Later, Jane helped us with the closing. She is a fount of knowledge from providing local craftsmen to lists of utilities we would need.

Every Realtor should have the basics, knowledge, honesty, courtesy. Jane stands out as having all the basics, but she also has the determination to please her customer. She goes the extra mile.

We are living examples of satisfied customers.

Phyllis and Richard Mason, Naples, Florida

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