Greg and Denise Keene

Jane, A quick and slightly overdue note to let you know how much we appreciated your efforts during our journey to our mountain home. It started over three years ago, as we viewed con- struction options and potential homes for sale. We are very glad we kept in contact over the years, and were able […]

Phyllis and Richard Mason

from Naples, Florida My husband and I have bought and sold property from Jackson, WY, Couer D’Alene, Idaho, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, and now North Carolina. We have never had better representation than we had with Jane Wallin. That might sound like flattery rather than praise, but I shall illustrate. We made two trips to […]

Vicki and Kirk Martin

“Look to the mountains to give you peace” have been the words by which we have lived for over a year now. How wonderful it has been to leave behind the tension and stress of fast-paced lives as we enter the gates of our beautiful mountain neighborhood. It had always been our dream to find […]

Roy and Karen Schoen

from Coral Gables, FL On my retirement from an intense thirty-year counseling career five years ago, my wife and I looked all over Western North Carolina for a summer home in the cool NC mountains. We wanted to get out of the Florida heat and find a peaceful place to pursue our interests. After looking […]

Karl and Joy Woelz

WL (Wolf Laurel) = WL (Wonderful Living) We found Wolf Laurel after looking long and hard for a place in the mountains to escape the Florida heat. Our eternal thanks go to the friends who invited us to spend time in their villa and who talked us into building a home instead of waiting for […]

John and Gwynne Beneke

Dear Jane & Freddie, Gwynne and I consider that day in October, 2005 that we stopped at the gas station in Mars Hill to be one of the most important days of our lives. It was there we met Jane, who was on her “day off”, but graciously agreed to lead us to Wolf Laurel […]